[rt-devel] Thoughts on 2.2

Anders Klint klint at gatespace.com
Wed Oct 10 05:11:29 EDT 2001

Wishlist-mode: on :)

Useful stuff in the scrips (or whatever it will be called)
would be the possibility to automatically give and set cc:s
based on the creator of a ticket. Proably a good way could be
to use a regexp: If creator is *@foo.com assign to 
user1 at myplace.com and add salesguy1 at myplace.com to the cc list.

Could probably be applied to other aspects of the ticket too...

	/Anders Klint

PS. If someone has implemented this, it's OK t flame me as long as
you provide a pointer. :)
(I'm trying to keep an eye on this list but not reading everything
in detail)

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