[rt-devel] Preserving local customizing

Timo A. Hummel timo.hummel at isg.de
Thu Oct 11 09:41:16 EDT 2001


we need many local customized modules for RT. The problem is that these
modules will be lost when upgrading to a new version of RT (which also
includes color shemes, company logo etc).

Is there a current way to preserve local changes, or is such a feature
planned? Maybe I could also make a few patches to allow local modules,

- A company wants an own logo instead of the default RT logo (rt.jpg).
Usually, you would replace rt.jpg with your own logo. The problem is
that the file will be overwritten when a new version of RT is installed.
Maybe an implementation with local files could help there, implementing
a check if rt.local.jpg exists, RT should take rt.local.jpg instead of
rt.jpg. Since rt.local.jpg won't be installed by the default RT
installation, the RT administrator won't need to worry about that.

- The same principle above could be used for other things in RT




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