[rt-devel] Preserving local customizing

Jay Kramer jay at mojomole.com
Thu Oct 11 10:02:14 EDT 2001

    There already is a semantic for this... it is the Mason Local Path..
Just put your replacement rt.jpg in the same path that it is in, but in
local/WebRT instead of just WebRT..  Once there, Mason uses it before it
uses the default that was installed..  Also, RT never overwrites these
files..  The only problem I have had with local customization of the web
code is web code updates, like the recent REFRESH stuff..  I had made a
customized header and footer, and also a bunch of other smaller custom web
pieces to appease all the PR types, and every time I update the web
interface, i have to diff the old and new to see what has changed (wrote
simple shell scripts to make the diffs), anyhow, then update the local stuff
with the changes if need be (on a file by file basis).


> Hi,
> we need many local customized modules for RT. The problem is that these
> modules will be lost when upgrading to a new version of RT (which also
> includes color shemes, company logo etc).
> Is there a current way to preserve local changes, or is such a feature
> planned? Maybe I could also make a few patches to allow local modules,
> example:
> - A company wants an own logo instead of the default RT logo (rt.jpg).
> Usually, you would replace rt.jpg with your own logo. The problem is
> that the file will be overwritten when a new version of RT is installed.
> Maybe an implementation with local files could help there, implementing
> a check if rt.local.jpg exists, RT should take rt.local.jpg instead of
> rt.jpg. Since rt.local.jpg won't be installed by the default RT
> installation, the RT administrator won't need to worry about that.
> - The same principle above could be used for other things in RT
> Comments?
> Timo
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