[rt-devel] 2.0.8 + enhanced-mailgate = no pseudo-headers in update

Peter Green PeterGreen at DonorWare.com
Thu Oct 18 01:36:28 EDT 2001

[ Sent to rt-devel, since it deals with a contributed script. ]

I'm a bit confused; I installed 2.0.8 and the web interface seems to be
working fine. DB connectivity is working fine. I installed enhanced-mailgate
alongside rt-mailgate, updated my .qmail files, and everything is working

Except that enhanced-mailgate won't act on any embedded pseudoheaders for
existing tickets. Nor does it look like it should: the code for acting on
existing tickets starts at line 327 of that script. Nowhere in that else {}
clause do the calls to ParseMessageForCommands() or any other
pseudoheader-aware function appear to happen.

I've tried all sorts of configurations (with/without $PermitReplayAttacks
for instance; I haven't tried gpg stuff). But any way you look at it, it
doesn't ever seem to get to code that can ``take pseudo-headers in the
message body to set parameters on...existing tickets.'' (This is evidenced,
partially, by the fact that the pseudoheaders are simply passed as part of
the body of the message.)

What am I missing? What other information can I provide to help debug this?


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