[rt-devel] Blank bodies in some replies - bug?

Jon Hittner jhittner at vmsinfo.com
Wed Oct 24 10:24:50 EDT 2001

   I sent the following problem to the users list a few weeks ago, but only 
got responces from people with similer issues, but no solutions.  I thought 
it may be a bug.  I have a setup of RT 2.0.8 (upgraded from 2.0.6).  About 1 
in every 10 replies sent to the requesters have an empty body.  9 out of 10 
work perfect The scrip looks right:
 OnCorrespond NotifyRequestors with template Correspondence
and the template reads:


If I hit reply to a ticket, add some comments and hit submit, the user 10% of 
the time will get a blank email and 90% of the time it will work perfect.  If 
I hit the back button, and submit again, it usually works.  I turned on debug 
and the logs look the same for the good emails as they do for the bad ones. 
Has anyone seen any problems like this? 


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