[rt-devel] Wish List - summary mailout

Mark Vevers mark at ifl.net
Wed Oct 24 10:50:05 EDT 2001


A really useful feature would be a 'mail summary'  and/or a
'mail detailed ticket' button where you can specify an arbitrary
email address, and then RT and a transaction to say a
report was emailed to X on day Y at time Z.

The reason for this is we often need to send a summary
of an incident to third party bandwidth suppliers /
account managers when we're shouting at them about crap
service ..... currently I do an html cut and paste job, but
it would be nice to just do a 'click' - here you go.

Much as I would love to code this I don't have time at the
moment.  If other people would be really interested I might
see if I can persuade my boss to let me have some coding time.


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