[rt-devel] operation order and changing queues

Christian Gilmore cgilmore at tivoli.com
Tue Apr 2 16:35:30 EST 2002

I have a little problem and hope there's a simple solution. I have
multiple queues and potentially mutually exclusive privileged members of
each queue. I need for people to be able to transfer tickets from one
queue to the next via the web UI. This transfer occurs, but I see two sets
of errors:

1) While the queue change does take effect, the web UI states: "Queue: 0"
instead of what transaction actually occurred.

2) The system then complains that the user does not have sufficient
privilege to change the remaining fields on the Basics page. Is there a
way to enforce operational order so that queue change is the last possible
transaction instead of the first to be reviewed?


Christian Gilmore
Technology Leader
GeT WW Global Applications Development
IBM Software Group

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