[rt-devel] HELP

Darrin Walton darrinw at nixc.net
Mon Apr 15 13:29:28 EDT 2002

First; this should go to rt-users, not rt-devel.

  |+ I recently had some clown send over 2000 tracker messages to the server we used for our RT tracker.
  |+ This of course clogged the system up, and I needed to know how to remove just these tracker issues 
  |+ from the system without having to dump the database files as a friend recommended.

Why not go to the search menu, search for the tickets in question (I am
assuming they have a common element, like subject, or email address, or
something), select 'Update all these tickets at once', if there are some
tickets you don't want to update, unselect the 'Update' box, then change
the status to 'Dead'.

  |+ I am really new to the system and need if possible the SQL command to get rid of
  |+  this access tracker issues. I also would like to know how to backup and remove 
  |+ older years of tracker issues. 

Its not really adviced to delete older tickets.  Thats one of the
features of a database, store all your information, have it available to
you at anytime via a search.  Would suck if you needed a ticket from 3
years ago, and you had deleted it from teh system.  You'd have to then
put the old information up somewhere where its accessable.

-darrin (cc'ing rt-users.  questions asking for help should go there)

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