[rt-devel] HELP

Vivek Khera khera at kcilink.com
Mon Apr 15 15:29:39 EDT 2002

>>>>> "TJG" == Ted J Green <bishop at totalaccess.net> writes:

TJG> I recently had some clown send over 2000 tracker messages to the
TJG> server we used for our RT tracker.  This of course clogged the
TJG> system up, and I needed to know how to remove just these tracker
TJG> issues from the system without having to dump the database files
TJG> as a friend recommended.

We had a mailer loop caused by a misconfiguration that once created
500 or so tickets.  What I did was do a search on the some matching
criteria, clicked on "update all these tickets at once" and marked
them dead.  Repeat until all are done.

If RT's database had referential integrity with cascade on delete, one
could probably issue a single delete query to the database to clear
out those tickets and all associated records.  Alas, it does not have
the references (since MySQL doesn't support them).

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