[rt-devel] global vs. local behaviour

seph seph at commerceflow.com
Fri Apr 19 22:56:07 EDT 2002

I don't have a patch for this, it's more of an annoyance or feature
request. I think this is still a reasonable place for it.

So, rt has a concept of global things and queue-local things (for
scrips and rights). Unfortunately, as there's not a way to override the
global settings on a per-queue basis, the global settings aren't very

For example, at my site we have a global right to create tickets, but
I'd like to override that right in the seph-task queue. Similarly,
most of our queues use one autoreply template, but one needs a special

I can see 2 way to not have this problem.

  method 1: creation of a "default settings" category. global things
  stay global, and local things stay local. when a queue is created,
  it's local settings start in the "default" configuration.

  method 2: provide overrides for the global settings. either with
  checkboxes, or by doing something like "if local setting exists,
  then ignore the global one" 

method 1 has the disadvantage that it's hard to change things
everywhere at once. But I think it's simpler to display, at least for
the rights, and I imagine it's significantly simpler to implement.

What do folk think?


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