[NAS #13967] (support) [rt-devel] Mail system

Bob Finch via RT support at nas.com
Mon Apr 22 19:04:42 EDT 2002

>>>>> "Neil" == Neil H <via RT <support at nas.com>> writes:

    Neil> Could someone give me a 10,000 foot view of how RT listens
    Neil> and parses its emails?  I don't want anything too technical
    Neil> but nothing so brief that is doesn't explain..

Oops.  I meant to forward another message to our support RT queue, but
I had your message selected by mistake.  Sorry about that.

To answer your question, you set up an aliases that direct incoming
mail into RT.  For example:

  support:         "|/usr/local/rt2/bin/rt-mailgate --queue support --action correspond"
  support-comment: "|/usr/local/rt2/bin/rt-mailgate --queue support --action comment"

Most of the mail handling stuff is in bin/rt-mailgate and
lib/RT/Interface/Email.pm.  It uses the Perl MIME-tools package to
parse the message and looks for an RT ticket number in the Subject:
header.  If it finds one it adds a comment or response to the
referenced ticket, otherwise it creates a new one.

-- Bob

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