[rt-devel] 2.2.x Question

Andy Moran andy at wildbrain.com
Tue Apr 23 16:36:01 EDT 2002


I've just joined the list.  I work for Wildbrain where we are greatly
enjoying the RT system.  

My question concerns the future of user preferences and e-mail flow
control.  We currently have watchers who would like to receive e-mail
even for comments/correspondences which they generated.  Currently
Notify.pm greps them out.  We can hack this ourselves, but it would
upset the other watchers who don't want to receive their own messages. 
I was wondering:

a) Does the next big RT release allow users to receive their own
messages if they so choose?
b) How far off is 2.2.x?  Weeks?  few months? several months? year?

Thanks for your time!   Love RT and all the great work that is being


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