[rt-devel] 2.2.x Question

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Tue Apr 23 16:56:38 EDT 2002

> Greetings!
> I've just joined the list.  I work for Wildbrain where we are greatly
> enjoying the RT system.  
> My question concerns the future of user preferences and e-mail flow
> control.  We currently have watchers who would like to receive e-mail
> even for comments/correspondences which they generated.  Currently
> Notify.pm greps them out.  We can hack this ourselves, but it would
> upset the other watchers who don't want to receive their own messages. 
> I was wondering:
> a) Does the next big RT release allow users to receive their own
> messages if they so choose?

That's something that's currently in the cards for 2.2.x, though the 
support for preferences (RT::Registry) is only on paper at this point,
and there's always the chance that it will get cut before release, unless
it's featurework I've done for a client.

> b) How far off is 2.2.x?  Weeks?  few months? several months? year?
It's my expectation that there will be a beta release of 2.2 in the 
june-july timeframe which includes a bunch of cool stuff, such as 
internationalization, recursive group membership and some workflow
support.  After that stuff all gets fairly stable, I expect to do 
another round of feature work including preferences, some UI work,
and likely some usability stuff, like a "new queue" wizard. 

And at some point, I need to find the time and customer interest 
to put together an RT SOAP server.

I'd like to have an RC for 2.2 out by early fall. I'm looking into 
whether I can manage to spend a month early this fall travelling around
Europe, talking to sites that run RT and talking at local users' groups.
If I can time the RC to overlap with that period, I'll be quite happy.

Of course, this is all subject to change.


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