[rt-devel] quandry: secure parts of a ticket... should thisbe done with related tickets?

Colleen colleen at darksideproductions.net
Fri Dec 13 13:37:21 EST 2002

I do use RT for my company in a non-typical fashion and it's worked very
well.  (I've saved hundreds of trees in less than a year.  This company
had colored papers for what is now represented by queues.  People were
paid to shuffle papers from department to department!)  I wouldn't mind
contributing occasionally to a list like rt-business.  

Great idea!

Colleen Noonan
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> done with related tickets?
> >> 3) after the ticket's work has been complete
> >> (status=resolved/status=dead), how should I allow this info to be
> >> viewed?  The same as 2)?
> >
> > Business process question.
> I am mostly a lurker here, but wanted to interject on this one.
> Business process in relation to a crm environment is a school of
> all
> to itself. Perhaps this is worthy of its own mailing list? I am
> comfortable
> with the tech side of things and like to keep up to speed on the add
> and
> updates etc, but, being able to compare nontetch notes with others
> use
> RT in various ways and ask the sort of questions like appears above
> be
> interesting and useful. It could be something like rt-business?
> If this isn't something Best Practical wants to do I wouldn't mind
> such a mailing list. Assuming 1, its permitted by Jesse & Team and 2,
> there
> is interest here in such a thing. I don¹t want to be the only guy on
> list :-)
> Thoughts?
> Mitchell
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