[rt-devel] quandry: secure parts of a ticket... should this bedone with related tickets? (fwd)

darren chamberlain darren at boston.com
Thu Dec 19 09:40:41 EST 2002

* Colleen <colleen at darksideproductions.net> [ 2002/12/18 ]:
> this is the problem, I think
> I moved rt to /web/sites/rt-dev/rt
> I tried adding to the rtadmin file  the line:
> push(@INC,"/web/sites/rt-dev/rt/lib/RT/Interface/");
> right above
> use RT::Interface::CLI  qw(CleanEnv LoadConfig DBConnect
>                            GetCurrentUser GetMessageContent);
> But this isn't working, either.

Try using "/web/sites/rt-dev/rt/lib" instead of
"/web/sites/rt-dev/rt/lib/RT/Interface".  You'll probably also want
"/web/sites/rt-dev/rt/etc" in there, as well.


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