[rt-devel] RT add-ons: autoinstaller?

Stanislav Sinyagin ssinyagin at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 31 07:18:49 EST 2002

--- darren chamberlain <darren at boston.com> wrote:
>   htdocs/
>   addons/
>     AutoAssign/
>       rt2/
>       rt3/
>     AutoReplySquelch/
>       rt2/
>       rt3/

this sounds reasonable. 

In addition, I could make the autoconf/automake packaging 
for the utilities which need some path to install and 
need RT paths for library inclusion. 

We can package all the utilities into one package, say, 
rt-addon-utils.2.0.XX.tar.gz, where 2.0 corresponds to 
RT's version, and XX is local release numbering. 
The package would contain ./configure and "make install", 
with default installation path, say, /usr/local/rt-addons/bin, 
and ./configure would search for RT in some well-known places, 
like /usr/local/rt* or /opt/rt*, with the option --with-rt=path

Thus we avoid two traps: 

-- manualy editing the Perl and RT paths when installing the new utility
-- figuring out where to put those files.

And, of course, people will still be free to download indivifual 
files and install them manually.

The CVS path for this would be /addons/utils

Happy New Year, by the way...


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