[rt-devel] rt-mailgate extension options and qmail

Rich Lafferty rich+rt at lafferty.ca
Thu Feb 7 16:37:15 EST 2002

On Thu, Feb 07, 2002 at 03:11:12PM -0500, Jesse Vincent (jesse at bestpractical.com) wrote:
> Somewhat longer term, I see redoing the syntax as somethign on the order of
> 	rt+queue=foo#owner=bar#id=baz 

Perhaps we're solving different problems. That reminds me of VERP,
which makes me think it's intended to be machine-generated, while I
see it as a customer-visible convenience.

For example, for the queue-in-extension option, I see it as a way to
use a single alias to push mail into RT: set up the alias "support"
and "support-workstations" goes in one queue, "support-servers" to
another. But "support-queue=servers" isn't how nontechnical users --
ie, support desk customers -- think email works; email addresses don't
usually take parameters, and "support-servers" hides the fact that
it's a parameter.

> For now though, the dupicated special casing code makes me a bit
> uncomfortable.

Well, we've gone from undocumented mutually-clobbering MTA-specific
duplicated code to undocumented mutually-clobbering less-MTA-specific
duplicated code. :-)

I'm going to leave this a works-for-me right now, because my priority
is getting RT in place here, and we needed that feature for a
translucent migration -- but I don't need it to work with postfix at
all, and I know the ticket number's always in EXT2. 

Once that priority's out of the way, I'll see about revisiting it with
a more general solution; but if our requirements are as far away from
yours as the syntax example above suggests, I think we're implementing
entirely different ideas that happen to share code; specifically, I
think one of our historical requirements happened to resemble your
temporary implementation of a feature quite unlike ours. 


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