[rt-devel] rt-mailgate extension options and qmail

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Thu Feb 7 16:46:45 EST 2002

> For example, for the queue-in-extension option, I see it as a way to
> use a single alias to push mail into RT: set up the alias "support"
> and "support-workstations" goes in one queue, "support-servers" to
> another. But "support-queue=servers" isn't how nontechnical users --
> ie, support desk customers -- think email works; email addresses don't
> usually take parameters, and "support-servers" hides the fact that
> it's a parameter.

*nod* That wasn't how I was thinking about it, but your use case makes 
plenty of sense. I think I like your answer better than mine :)

> I'm going to leave this a works-for-me right now, because my priority
> is getting RT in place here, and we needed that feature for a
> translucent migration -- but I don't need it to work with postfix at
> all, and I know the ticket number's always in EXT2. 

*grin* makes sense.

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