[rt-devel] rt-mailgate extension options and qmail

seph seph at commerceflow.com
Thu Feb 7 20:30:12 EST 2002

> > For example, for the queue-in-extension option, I see it as a way to
> > use a single alias to push mail into RT: set up the alias "support"
> > and "support-workstations" goes in one queue, "support-servers" to
> > another. But "support-queue=servers" isn't how nontechnical users --
> > ie, support desk customers -- think email works; email addresses don't
> > usually take parameters, and "support-servers" hides the fact that
> > it's a parameter.

when I was confronted with this, I decided that what was right for
users, would never be correct programaticly. different syntaxs make
sense for different queues.

So I have my rt server accepting unweildly machine syntax, and my
mailing server has aliases from nice things to scary things. (see the
scary exim hack in the docs) 

Not perfect, but it's the balance that worked for me.


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