VCS WAS: Re: [rt-devel] hacking on rt.

Rob Walker rob at
Fri Feb 8 18:54:44 EST 2002

On Friday 08 February 2002 17:31, Jesse Vincent wrote:
> My biggest current issues with cvs:
> 1) CVS doesn't have much in the way of a solution for revision-controlled 
> disconnected operation. Since I do much of my development away from a 
> connection, this is constantly biting me.

Liking that Titainium Ibook?  One of my users may have this problem, I am 
hoping they don't.

> 2) There isn't a way to move files within the repository while preserving 
> history. This is relatively annoying on a regular basis.

This is pushing me towards bitkeeper.

> 3) I can't easily work on a private branch of something for a customer 
> and later integrate it into the repository while preserving the revision
> history of that branch.

Have you looked at bitkeeper at all?


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