[rt-devel] RT breaks *very* long URL's.

Frank Reppin shauwn at relay.boerde.de
Thu Feb 14 12:05:44 EST 2002


at first i want to emphasize that this project is
really great ... thanks to all those people developing it :)

Actually we are using version 2.0.11 here and everything
works very, very fine. So far, so good.

While playing around during the implementation process i
figured out a kind of 'optical' bug in ShowTransaction - 
at least ... i think that the reasonable code is located
there (i am still going through the whole code).

This optical misbehaviour is easy to reproduce.

feel free to download a screenshot from my /pub:


or simply create a ticket (either via mailgateway) or
by hand in your own RT.

As long as the URL's length is =< 72 characters (including
the http:// part of it ofcourse) there's no problem
from the 'ShowTransaction' code displaying it properly.... but
as soon as it gets longer than 72 characters the substitution
in 'ShowTransaction' in line 43 doesn't work as expected.
The URL gets broken there, because the <A HREF> tag will be
closed after these 72 characters.... 

[ShowTransaction located in /rt2/WebRT/html/Ticket/Elements]

I tried several things to have a workaround for it. In special
i removed line 43 completely .... forcing my staff-members to
cut/paste the URL manually. But i think that there must be a better
solution to get around this 'optical misbehaviour'.
So I also played with the <PRE> tag in lines 55-57 ... but the
solution wasn't acceptable at all - since it looked quite ugly then -
at least it worked as expected then....

So my question to the devel-list is if,

	Am I the first one recognizing this - erm - 'bug' ? (i won't call
	call it a 'bug' at all - since it only affects very long URL's)
	or is this just mentioned somewhere (digging in the mailinglist
	didn't gave me some hints on this) ?

Friendly regards,

Frank Reppin

Heidestr. 15
39112 Magdeburg

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