[rt-devel] Simple patch to lib/RT/Scrips.pm

Alexei Barantsev barancev at kazbek.ispras.ru
Tue Feb 19 03:24:01 EST 2002


Here is a simple and dumb patch to lib/RT/Scrips.pm:

bash$ diff -u ~/original/rt-2-0-12-pre4/lib/RT/Scrips.pm
--- /home/barancev/original/rt-2-0-12-pre4/lib/RT/Scrips.pm     Wed Nov  7
02:04:14 2001
+++ /usr/local/rt2/lib/RT/Scrips.pm     Tue Feb 19 11:16:10 2002
@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@

 package RT::Scrips;
 use RT::EasySearch;
-use RT::Scrip
+use RT::Scrip;
 @ISA= qw(RT::EasySearch);

I wander why RT does work for you without this semicolon. I could not ever
start it.

Best regards,

Alexei Barantsev, ISP RAS
E-mail: barancev at kazbek.ispras.ru
ICQ   : 3959207

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