[rt-devel] RT 2.0.12pre4

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Tue Feb 19 01:16:48 EST 2002

2.0.12pre4 is out. Tread lightly, there's been a fair amount of churn, but aside from
the per-update-cc feature, it's almost all bugfixes.  I expect to do at least a pre5, if not
a pre6 and pre7 before 2.0.12 hits the streets in somewhere between 2 weeks and a month.


2002-02-18 18:35  jesse

	* lib/RT/Condition/Generic.pm:

	RT-Ticket: 1194
	cleaned up a reference to "ApplicableTypes", a nonexistent parameter to Condition->new
2002-02-18 18:30  jesse

	* webrt/Elements/Login:

	RT-Ticket: 1226
	Added an explicit reset of the content-type to 'text/html' when displaying hte login page
2002-02-18 18:25  jesse

	* webrt/Admin/Users/index.html:

	rt-ticket: 1190
	Modified administrative userlist to make it easier to click on users who have no Name attribute defined
2002-02-18 18:18  jesse

	* webrt/: Elements/Header, SelfService/Elements/Header:

	rt-ticket: 1176
	Applied tom's patch which hides the preferences link if the user doesn't have the right to "modify self"
2002-02-18 18:14  jesse

	* lib/RT/Interface/Email.pm:

	RT-Ticket: 1165
	exporting the ParseAddressFromHeader subroutine so others can play with it
2002-02-18 18:06  jesse

	* webrt/Ticket/Update.html:

	Removed  a bogus font tag from the Ticket update screen
2002-02-18 18:00  jesse

	* lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm, webrt/Search/Listing.html:

	RT-Ticket: 1243
	Switched the web frontend to use an in-core scalar for uploaded attachment content,
	rather than a tempfile which wasn't getting cleaned up properly
2002-02-18 16:53  jesse

	* webrt/Search/Listing.html:

	RT-Ticket: 1245

	Applied a patch to nuke duplicate restrictions in the webui.
2002-02-18 16:47  jesse

	* webrt/Admin/Groups/Members.html:

	RT-Ticket: 1241
	moved a label inside a loop to make the ui easier to understand
2002-02-18 16:36  jesse

	* etc/config.pm:

	Set Default for UseFriendlyToLines to 0 by default, to deal with users running
	redhat who have trouble configuring RT.
2002-02-18 16:31  jesse

	* Makefile, lib/RT/Scrip.pm, tools/insertdata:

	Edited insertdata to insert scrips by default, so that users don't need
	to go through the configuration task themselves.
	Change the Makefile's WEB_GROUP to www by default for redhat and OSX.
	Correced docs for lib/RT/Scrip new() method
2002-02-08 01:23  jesse

	* webrt/SelfService/Display.html:

	cleanup to "last trans" in SelfService
2002-02-08 00:53  jesse

	* lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:

	Generalized "Abort" function to allow other non-html error messages with
	proper handlers
2002-02-08 00:49  jesse

	* etc/: schema.Pg, schema.mysql:

	removed duplicate indices
2002-02-07 16:41  jesse

	* etc/config.pm:

	Added some docs to the config file from Rich Lafferty
2002-02-04 12:37  jesse

	* lib/RT/Template.pm:

	Output template content to core rather than disk when parsing.
2002-01-28 00:59  jesse

	* webrt/Ticket/Elements/ShowHistory:

	Closing the #lasttrans anchor
2002-01-28 00:58  jesse

	* lib/RT/Record.pm:

	RT-Ticket: 1156
	Pulling forward the patch for 1156
2002-01-28 00:47  jesse

	* bin/mason_handler.fcgi:

	Small fix to the fastcgi handler to make attachment display work better,
	thanks to rich lafferty.
2002-01-28 00:47  jesse

	* etc/config.pm:

	Removed some extraneous slashes from the config file.
2002-01-28 00:46  jesse


	Clarified some readme stuff
2002-01-24 13:30  jesse

	* lib/RT/Transaction.pm:

	RT-Ticket: 1201
	RT-Status: resolved
	Better transaction display for "text" and "message" parts.
2002-01-24 13:00  jesse

	* webrt/Ticket/Elements/ShowTransaction:

	RT-Ticket: 1166
	Implemented better URL regexp matching.
2002-01-24 10:39  jesse

	* bin/rt-mailgate:

	Fixed a typo in a debug message in rt-mailgate
2002-01-24 10:34  jesse

	* lib/RT/Template.pm:

	Switched from bogus mime parsing to using MIME::Parser like we should have
	from the get-go.
	Used perltidy to clean up template.pm before we started working on it.
2002-01-24 10:28  jesse

	* lib/RT/Record.pm:

	Added a check to LoadByCols which causes postgres mode to not try to lookup
2002-01-24 10:23  jesse

	* webrt/NoAuth/webrt.css:

	Added a new style to the stylesheet to support some new reports
2002-01-24 10:21  jesse

	* lib/RT/Interface/Email.pm:

	mail gateway now unfolds long headers on parse.
2002-01-11 15:20  jesse

	* Makefile, lib/RT/Transaction.pm:

	RT-Ticket: 950
	Aoolyed the recommended patch to make blank bodies not get
	mailed in lieu of the real message
2002-01-11 15:00  jesse

	* Makefile, webrt/Ticket/ModifyAll.html:

	Fixed a small bug that broke the "jumbo" page after 2.0.11
2002-01-11 01:17  jesse

	* bin/rt-mailgate:

	Added a new flag to rt-mailgate to enable setting the owner of new tickets based on +extension
2002-01-11 01:13  jesse

	* webrt/Ticket/: Modify.html, ModifyAll.html:

	Adding a couple ACL checks to better deal with moving tickets to queues the user can't see
2002-01-11 01:11  jesse

	* webrt/Admin/Queues/index.html:

	Fixed typo in ACL check that resulted in "Create Queue" being more restrictive than
	it needed to be
2002-01-10 19:07  jesse

	* webrt/Ticket/Update.html:

	more tweaking
2002-01-10 19:05  jesse

	* webrt/Ticket/Update.html:

	Cleaned up the Ticekt Update ui some
2002-01-10 19:02  jesse

	* lib/RT/: Attachment.pm, Action/Notify.pm, Condition/Generic.pm:

	Cleanups to make Also-Cc and Also-Bcc go
2002-01-10 19:01  jesse

	* lib/RT/Queue.pm:

	Changed a test to work the way that Test::Inline does now
2002-01-10 18:34  jesse

	* lib/RT/Attachment.pm:

	Changes to attachment to provide the header frobbing necessary to send mail to ccs and bccs
2002-01-10 18:32  jesse

	* Makefile, README, lib/RT/Ticket.pm, tools/insertdata,
	webrt/Ticket/Update.html, lib/RT/Action/Notify.pm:

	Work on "Explicit Cc" and "Explicit Bcc" for a client
2002-01-10 18:27  jesse

	* webrt/Ticket/Elements/ShowTransaction:

	abstracting out a number to a named variable
2002-01-09 02:24  jesse

	* webrt/Admin/: Groups/index.html, Keywords/index.html:

	A couple tiny ui cleanups (removed some object ids from the UI where they were just being clutter

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