[rt-devel] [BUG?]: Sorting by ID breaks linebreaks in Subject:-Line

Rich Lafferty rich+rt at lafferty.ca
Wed Feb 27 09:54:15 EST 2002

On Wed, Feb 27, 2002 at 02:17:38PM +0100, Ralph Angenendt (ra at letras.de) wrote:
> Hi,
> a customer of ours seems to have found a small (cosmetical) bug in
> RT. When being in a queue overview, sorting by ID
> breaks the way Subject:-Lines are displayed in the overview.
> While being split across two or more lines when entering the queue,
> the Subject is displayed on a single line after sorting, which kind
> of messes up the screen, as not enough information is seen while
> being in overview.
> Take a look at <http://bloatware.de/img/RT-before.jpg> and
> <http://bloatware.de/img/RT-after.jpg> for an illustration of this.

I can't duplicate it. Have you tried it in multiple browsers? I
suspect it's a rendering issue. If it *does* appear in multiple
browsers, take a look at the generated HTML and see if there's
anything different between the two.

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