[rt-devel] Using MessageId field in Attachments table

Eric Berggren ericb at fpt.fujitsu.com
Tue Feb 19 18:36:22 EST 2002

> This was exactly the use I'd imagined for the MessageId field, though 
> the actual implementation never happened.  The thing to be careful of is
> that users often just reply to a message and clear the subject line and body 
> when attemting to create a new ticket and may inadvertently get their 
> new ticket attached to an existing ticket.  

  Indeed... shame on them!  Hopefully this isn't very common.

  Adding the MessageID for incoming e-mail and lookups is complete, but
now I see a more significant issue. Each e-mail action within the
Scrips generates a new message-id, one to the requestor, in additional
to watchers and other Cc's.  Which one gets stored ? Just the one to
the requestor ? Would be nice if the others articles could work too and
re-using the same message-id for the other e-mail articles wouldn't be
proper either.

  Am considering just creating another table "MessageIds" where the
fields would map MessageID -> TransactionID.  This would entail needing
an additional module and methods and whatnot, but may be a cleaner
implementation overall. For existing DB's, if table isn't found, or not
populated, then those "backup" lookups fail reverting to dumping the
correspondence/e-mail actions from not having a TicketID.

  What do you think, sirs ?

Fujitsu Processor Technologies, Inc.
 (Lawrence System Integration)

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