[rt-devel] The dreaded Sender: line

Peter E. Popovich peter at popovich.net
Tue Jan 8 20:33:55 EST 2002

I need someone more familiar with RT to check me on something.

Mail::Internet appears to add a Sender: line to all mail it sends. When RT
calls $MIMEObj->send(), Mail::Internet's sub _prephdr gets called, which
includes the following:

    foreach $tag (qw(From Sender)) {  # Sender is deprecated

As far as I can tell, the *only* way to get mail out of RT without a Sender:
line is to use sendmailpipe, which uses $MIMEObj->as_string, which avoids
the _prephdr call.

Can anyone either verify this, or preferably demonstrate a flaw in my

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