[rt-devel] New toys

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Sat Jul 6 02:21:44 EDT 2002

DBIx-SearchBuilder 0.61 - Now on CPAN

A dropin for DBIx::SearchBuilder 0.60 which substantially improves
the caching layer for DBIx::SearchBuilder::Records.  This should result
in fewer cache misses, fewer duplicated cachings and fewer stale cached
objects.  This same version of DBIx::SearchBuilder was released to 
fsck.com/pub/rt/devel quite a while ago and has proven stable in
day to day use for me and others.

DBIx-SearchBuilder 0.62 - Now on fsck.com/pub/rt/devel

I've started to add semantics to DBIx::SearchBuilder to allow it to percolate
errors up from the database level to calling classes. Specifically, this 
verion of DBIx::SearchBuilder or newer will be a requirement for RT 2.1.x
from here on out. It adds a dependency on Class::ReturnValue.

Class-ReturnValue 0.21 - Now on CPAN

Exceptions really aren't very perlish. And they don't deal will with
existing perl code that's not exception aware. Class::ReturnValue provides
a magic "ReturnValue" object which acts as a boolean, array, scalar or rich
object depending on its use in client code.  This allows a developer to 
write code which can be called in many different contexts, some of which 
want to elegantly handle different sorts of exceptions and some of which
just want to get a return value.

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