[rt-devel] Site Lib

Michael Grubb mgrubb at fifthvision.net
Tue Jun 11 21:54:28 EDT 2002

I would like to (and forgive me if this has been beaten to death already)
propose that going forward a site_lib directory be included in the library 
search path, where user contributions can be put.
I have a patch for 2.0.13 to add this directory.  
I think it is only logical as there is the local directory for the web ui in 
which we are encouraged to place our customizations, so I think that it
is only natural to by default provide a place for user modules that is safe 
from upgrades.
If any are interested in the patch (not that it was that hard to make) let me 
I bring this up now because the new version of StockAnswers has a class module 
that the UI uses to find the templates.  As such I have put this in the
RT::AddOn namespace.  I certainly don't want to write my install process to 
stick this module in the lib/RT directory, nor do I really want to put it in 
the perl library directory.  I would appreciate any input as could be 
helpful.  Any opinions are welcome. And if you just want to flame me,
well I guess I can't stop you =]

Thanks for the feedback,


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