[rt-devel] i18n of RT

Gustavo Chaves gustavo at cpqd.com.br
Wed Jun 26 12:23:19 EDT 2002


I'm a (very well impressed) RT's prospective user.  I've seen another
Brazilian shop running an adapted version where they'd translated all
pages into Portuguese.  However, this translation was hard-coded and
is blocking their upgrades.

I'd like to be able to integrate the translation in a proper framework
that could evolve together with RT.  I've read a message from 'Fri, 28
Sep 2001 21:29:53 -0400' in the rt-devel archives with a subject of
'Localization / Internationalization?' by Jesse where he mentions that
he already has some ideas about how to do it and is waiting for a

Well, I can't sponsor it but I could try my hand at doing it myself.
Can you elaborate a little bit about how do you intend to do it?  I've
read some discussions in the Mason mailing lists and there seems to be
no standard way to do it while there are several mentions about a
<%i18n> tag that could be used to mark the text to be translated.
This is important because the marking of the text would probably be
the biggest change in an eventual patch.


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