[rt-devel] i18n of RT

Florian Bischof flo at fxb.de
Wed Jun 26 13:33:50 EDT 2002


I18N is already implemented in the development branch of RT (2.1.x,
which is still unstable).

Just create a translated Portuguese pt.po/pt.pm file and you are done.


Am Mit, 2002-06-26 um 18.23 schrieb Gustavo Chaves:
> I'm a (very well impressed) RT's prospective user.  I've seen another
> Brazilian shop running an adapted version where they'd translated all
> pages into Portuguese.  However, this translation was hard-coded and
> is blocking their upgrades.
> I'd like to be able to integrate the translation in a proper framework
> that could evolve together with RT.  I've read a message from 'Fri, 28
> Sep 2001 21:29:53 -0400' in the rt-devel archives with a subject of
> 'Localization / Internationalization?' by Jesse where he mentions that
> he already has some ideas about how to do it and is waiting for a
> sponsor.
> Well, I can't sponsor it but I could try my hand at doing it myself.
> Can you elaborate a little bit about how do you intend to do it?  I've
> read some discussions in the Mason mailing lists and there seems to be
> no standard way to do it while there are several mentions about a
> <%i18n> tag that could be used to mark the text to be translated.
> This is important because the marking of the text would probably be
> the biggest change in an eventual patch.
> Gustavo.
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