[rt-devel] RT speed

Darrin Walton darrinw at nixc.net
Mon May 6 11:06:42 EDT 2002

  |+ I am running RT in test on a 64-bit system where most things including
  |+ Postgresql run quickly, but RT makes things look rather ordinary, which is
  |+ pretty disappointing. I have been poking about in the Aegis stuff for RT
  |+ 2.1 and it looks like maybe Jesse is working on these aspects... anyone
  |+ running bleeding edge who can comment?

I can't comment on the 2.1 branch, but as for 2.0, we see no speed
issues.  Our database has about 5k tickets, with about 60 new tickets
being created weekly now.  The number of new tickets weekly was once in
the 200s, but that has change.  Nevertheless, RT runs quick for us.  We do
not see slowdowns on ticket searches, updates, etc.  

We run RT on an P3-550 with 512MB of ram running FreeBSD 4.5.
Our database server is a P3 1Ghz, with 2GB of ram running FreeBSD 4.5 and
MySQL.  We have other applications hitting our database at the same time
(billing, apache traffic information, dns stuff), and have yet to see a
real issue.  There are various tweaks you can make to your DB of choice to
improve speed.


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