[rt-devel] Problems installing rt-2-1-6

Julian Hein jhein at netways.de
Wed May 8 16:03:39 EDT 2002


i tried to install rt2-1-6 to have a look at the new features and get an idea of what is comming up next, but I always get an error during installation:

  Can't locate object method "BuildDSN" via package 
  "RT::Handle" at /opt/rt22/lib//RT/Handle.pm line 62.

In RT::Handle, it calls DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle::mysql, but the BuildDSN sub is in DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle, so i played a bit with use lib "/path/to/lib", but did not succeed. Do I need a more recent version or are there any other problems.

Thanks, Julian

BTW: We made a lot of mods to rt2-0-13 (e.g. a clickable js calender for date imputs; a mechanism to have an supervisor approve tickets, etc.) but I am not really sure, how to provide them back to jesse or the list. Are diffs for all the changed files OK? What is the best format if a lot of new files are involved?

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