[rt-devel] full text search support

Oleg Bartunov oleg at sai.msu.su
Sat May 4 09:11:27 EDT 2002

Hi there,

I'm project manager of OpenFTS - open source full text search engine
(openfts.sourceforg.net). OpenFTS is fully based on Postgresql and
provides online indexing, relevance ranking, morphology support.
Current development version is available from CVS only (works with 7.2.1)
We consider it stable and the only reason we delay release of new version
is documentation. I think it's perfect for RT because it
integration with database provides possibility to use metadata
for search constraints. If rt-developers willing to add full text search
capabilities I could help.

I don't subscribed to RT mailing lists so please Cc: to oleg at sai.msu.su

Oleg Bartunov, sci.researcher, hostmaster of AstroNet,
Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow University (Russia)
Internet: oleg at sai.msu.su, http://www.sai.msu.su/~megera/
phone: +007(095)939-16-83, +007(095)939-23-83

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