[rt-devel] adding another attribute to "The Basics" ?

Samuel Dries-Daffner sdaffner at taos.com
Fri May 17 16:03:33 EDT 2002

I would like to add another attribute to "The Basics." (As displayed by
Ticket/Display.html, Create.html etc)

The idea is that I want to add a machine ID# to every ticket. Then whenever
tickets are displayed there will be a machine ID# in the list of "The
Basics." The ID# will be displayed as a link that will call an external
script to display info about the machine (The machine ID#s are stored in
another table and already exists).

What would be the best way to add another field into "The Basics?" Obviously
my goal would be to add it in using existing methods etc. I know several
areas would need to be touched in addition to the html code(including the db
Ticket table, and various INSERT, SELECT queries etc).

Later, the logical extension will be to have the machine ID#s as part of the
search engine so that we can do searches like "find all tickets associated
with machine XXXX."

I am hoping there are some tested/proven methods for adding this type of
elements to the Basics (as well as hope for an easy time modifying the
search pieces too!).

Any help appreciated,


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