[rt-devel] Inverting Ticket Priority

Swayne, Mark A mark.a.swayne at xo.com
Tue May 21 20:02:25 EDT 2002

I knew there was something I was missing.

Yeah, here a P1 is on fire and a P5 might get considered next month.  So,
we'd need the same thing.

I think all that you need to do is change WebRT/html/Elements/MyTickets.

$MyTickets->OrderBy(FIELD => 'Priority', ORDER => 'DESC');
$MyTickets->OrderBy(FIELD => 'Priority', ORDER => 'ASC');

We aren't in production yet, but this seems to take care of the issue.

Is there anywhere else that you know of an embedded idea of ticket priority

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Forgive me for not having tested the 2.1.x tree, but . . .
My group was wondering if anyone has ever wanted, suggested, or modified 
RT 2.0.x to invert the default behavior of RT priorities. The default is 
for 99 to be the highest and 1 is the lowest priority.
We migrated from another system where this thinking was reversed and it 
has been a tough transition for a number of people who believe the highest 
priority should always be 1.
It would be nice to have a global switch in config.pm to invert priority 
behavior to play priority 1 items to the top of the list.
Has anyone created or wanted a solution for this?
Marc Davignon
Systems Administrator, Merrill Lynch ITG

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