[rt-devel] RT 2.1.12-Win32 beta distribution

Steve Radich stever at bitshop.com
Thu May 23 23:02:50 EDT 2002

> For now, Mail::Sender that explicitly connects to the user's mail server
> sounds like a viable solution, although accepting mail remains a problem
> that (fortunately) we were able to punt for now.

Incoming mail I didn't think of.  POP3 via a socket connection is the only
way on windows since a smtp server isn't generally running.

Even if you run the SMTP service it's not designed for incoming mail - only

A standard POP3 account however is readily available code (socket
connections) to grab all mail.  

Problem is scheduling a pop3 connection - you can use the built in windows
scheduler (ugly solution) or make a NT service that polls the mailbox (also

If you go down the path of apache, etc. on windows then I'd see if sendmail
on windows supports redirecting to scripts, etc.  Once you have apache
everyone's going to know it's a unix port instead of a native app and those
that accept that (anyone with technical sense) isn't going to care about
sendmail being on the box (as long as open relays aren't allowed, etc.).

On FastCGI: Sorry, not familiar with (I know ISAPI). From the little I think
I know it's somewhat similar to isapi. If rt persists across connections or
stays running as long as the user is on that would make the port 100x harder
than it being a standard cgi script / perl script that doesn't persist (i.e.
exits and completely shuts down between web hits). I've only hacked around
rt making sure the db was structured decent enough to meet our needs when we
evaled it and everything else (installing it, config, etc.) was done by just
junior staff here.

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