[rt-devel] RT 2.1.12-Win32 beta distribution

Matt Knopp mhat at netlag.com
Thu May 23 23:01:42 EDT 2002

So perl has DBI and DBD.  DBI provides the app developer a nice interface 
to any database, as ODBC/JDBC does.  DBD provides the actual native drivers 
to communicate with the database.  DBIx are DBI extensions.  The DBIx::SB
objects provide a dynamicish O/R layer which further abstracts the database
away from the developer.  From the developers point of view, they have a 
bunch of objects and collections which happen to reside on a DB somewhere. 

DBB has a ADO and ODBC driver, so fundamentally there is no reason why RT 
could not be made to talk to Access/Sqlserver without too much headache.  
All someone would need to do, in theory, is implement the appropriate 
DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle::<ODBC|ADO> wrappers. 


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