[rt-users] Re: [rt-devel] Outage info patches for RT

Duane Waddle dwaddle at charter.net
Tue May 28 17:39:53 EDT 2002

At 5/28/2002 03:33 PM, you wrote:
(gratituitous snippage below.. watch out for paper cuts)

>"Due"!. Maybe you would relabel the field for convenience; that's the
>ankles-deep part. :-)
>I'd recommend an RT query -- that's what published APIs are for :-)
>It sounds like you're done. :-)

That seems like something that would work in some cases.  But, the 
flexibility I'm looking for is for a ticket to be able to list [0..n] 
outages.  Imagine a WAN where a single fiber cut could cause many, many 
circuits to be down -- you would not want to open a different ticket for 
each as it's all the same fiber cut -- but you would want to track which 
circuits were down and for how long.  (And hopefully be able to report to 
each customer which circuits of theirs were affected)

Of course, something similar to this could be accomplished with the fields 
you suggested and parent/child relationships.

Thanks for the ideas!


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