[rt-users] Re: [rt-devel] Outage info patches for RT

Michael mike at Megaglobal.net
Tue May 28 18:07:08 EDT 2002

>>> dwaddle at charter.net wrote a 1.1KB message. i replied .......................
> That seems like something that would work in some cases.  But, the 
> flexibility I'm looking for is for a ticket to be able to list [0..n] 
> outages.  Imagine a WAN where a single fiber cut could cause many, many 
> circuits to be down -- you would not want to open a different ticket for 
> each as it's all the same fiber cut -- but you would want to track which 
> circuits were down and for how long.  (And hopefully be able to report to 
> each customer which circuits of theirs were affected)

I agree that 'Started' is a good move in the right direction. 

This is similiar to a problem that i'm facing with my MON->SOAP->RT ticket 
manipulation dealie (a crude thing which opens a RT ticket based upon 
network outages) . . 

State needs to be maintained in the monitoring system (probably not in RT)
to know whether to create a new ticket for an outage, or to update an 
existing issue based upon the current criteria.  

I suspect that it might be easy enough using only a few variables in
your ticket creation environment (network group name,host name,service name)
which you'd need to store and reload on the server somewhere so that
you don't mistakenly create new tickets instead of updating current ones
with each monitoring system reboot.  Perhaps using something like MDBM or

gzcat `whoami`,


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