[rt-users] Re: [rt-devel] Outage info patches for RT

Phil Homewood pdh at snapgear.com
Tue May 28 18:21:56 EDT 2002

Duane Waddle wrote:
> That seems like something that would work in some cases.  But, the 
> flexibility I'm looking for is for a ticket to be able to list [0..n] 
> outages.  Imagine a WAN where a single fiber cut could cause many, many 
> circuits to be down -- you would not want to open a different ticket for 
> each as it's all the same fiber cut -- but you would want to track which 
> circuits were down and for how long.  (And hopefully be able to report to 
> each customer which circuits of theirs were affected)
> Of course, something similar to this could be accomplished with the fields 
> you suggested and parent/child relationships.

Or with "Multiple" type keyword selections in one ticket. :-)

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