[rt-devel] Is it a bug or functionality problem in RT 2.0.14 or understanding problem

Niranjan Patel niranjanalt at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 26 16:03:01 EDT 2002

As far as I can tell If I go through a scenario in the
RT I get bad results.

For this we need to have a scenario in which a ticket
either requested or owned is present in the Search
criteria also. 

say tkt#10 is the one I own in support queue.

1. I go to search and see all tickets in the support
queue say result is 6 tickets 

2. now I click on id 10 to see details of the ticket 

3. I get a first,Prev,Next,Last links which take me to
an ticket according to search criteria.

4. now I click on home and see the my owned tickets

5. there again I click id 10 to see datils
[ Bug I see the same first,Prev,Next,Last links whihch
take me to an ticket according to previous search
criteria ]

Question:  Should I see the links with results
accoring to the tickets i owned or should I not see
this links

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