[rt-devel] Changing ticket creation to current user

John Schubert jschubert at linearcorp.com
Thu Dec 4 06:30:21 EST 2003

This is my first post to this list, so apologies for the newbism.  

I'm trying to change the Create ticket page to default to the logged in
user.  Actually, I'll probably change it at a later date so it doesn't
even give the option (and it'll just data fill from the current user).

Is it as simple as changing the /opt/rt3/share/html/Ticket.html from 
<TD class=value>
<& /Elements/SelectOwner, Name => "Owner", QueueObj => $QueueObj,
Default => $ARGS{Owner}||undef &>

... Default => $session{'CurrentUser'}||undef &>

I searched the archives and didn't see anything down this road, but I
can't be the first person that's wanted the owner to default to the
logged in user.  Anyone else changed this?


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