[rt-devel] Migration to rt3 ... final episode

mixo mixo at coza.net.za
Wed Dec 10 03:37:12 EST 2003

Migration to rt3 from rt2 is finally under way, but before I get all my 
fingers burnt,
I thought I would write down the proposed procedure and have other 
people have
a poke at it. Here it goes.

Step 1:

Two rt3 machines will be setup, but only one of them will be used in 
Both machines are going to be redhat 9 servers, with the following 
     rt 3 (3.0.7_1)
     apache 2 (2.0.40-21.5)
     mod_perl 2 (1.99_09-10 custom built)
     DBIx Search builder (0.93_1)
     Storable (>=2.0.8)

The difference will be one will have Pg 7.4.0-5PGDG, and the other Mysql 
On the two machnines, new tickets will have starting number of 200 000.

Step 2:

On the current rt2, stop the web and mail servers, export tickets. This 
will probably take
half a day, so I will be done after hours. When the export is completed, 
the mail server
will be restarted.

Step 3:

The export tickets (dump), will be import into the two rt3 servers in 
reverse order of tickets.
(rt2-to-rt3 1.20 has been modified to load tickets in reverse order, so 
that the newest tickets
are loaded first.) This will likely take about 5 days, so it will be 
started Saturday morning.
The import will then be verified on both machines, and the two will then 
be benchmarked.
The faster of the two, will become the new rt.

Step 4:
Decomission the old rt, and start on the new one.


Does this seem feasible? Are there any other pittfalls that I should be 
on the look out for?
Is it possible to configure rt to start new tickets from 200 000?
How can I configure mysql and pg for the best perfomance using the 
hardware availabe:

Machine specs:

Machine 1
72.8 GB HD ( 1GB swap, 22 GB  /, 22 GB /var, 22 GB free)
Dual Pentium III (Coppermine) 933MHz
1 Gig Ram

Machine 2
145.6 GB (1 GB swap ,45GB /, 45GB /var, 45GB free)
Quad Pentium III (Cascades) 700 MHz
512 MB Ram

Ideally, I would have like to have the same hardware specs, but these 
will have to do.

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