[rt-devel] Migration to rt3 ... final episode

mixo mixo at coza.net.za
Wed Dec 10 04:08:14 EST 2003

Stefan Seiz wrote:

>On 10.12.2003 9:37 Uhr, mixo <mixo at coza.net.za> wrote:
>>Step 3:
>>The export tickets (dump), will be import into the two rt3 servers in
>>reverse order of tickets.
>>(rt2-to-rt3 1.20 has been modified to load tickets in reverse order, so
>>that the newest tickets
>>are loaded first.) This will likely take about 5 days, so it will be
>>started Saturday morning.
>>The import will then be verified on both machines, and the two will then
>>be benchmarked.
>>The faster of the two, will become the new rt.
>>Step 4:
>>Decomission the old rt, and start on the new one.
>Well, first glimpse i'd say you'd loose all tickets created on the rt2
>machine while you do the benchmarks on the rt3 machines.
Peherps I should have machine that for the benchmarks, I will be using 
Apache Jmeter
(http://jakarta.apache.org/jmeter/index.html) which wont wipe out data, 
but will work with
the existing data.

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