[rt-devel] I want to contribute.

Todd Chapman rt at chaka.net
Thu Dec 18 21:53:22 EST 2003

I would really like to get involved with RT. I'd
like to contribute code, documentation, and helping

What is the best ways to get started?

There are lots of little things I would like to
fix/change, but I don't know if they need to be
fixed, or if they were meant to be the way they are.

(For example, non-staff users cannot see tickets
throguh self-service if the ticket is of type

Would it be best to post diffs to code that also
include a variable for RT_SiteConfig.pm so that
my changes are optional?

I'm worried that my local customizations would
not be welcome, or that if many of them are
rejected then my stie will be hard to maintain
for future RT upgrades.

Any feedback is appreciated.


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