[rt-devel] Upgrading directly from rt 1.0.X to rt 2.1.X (RT 3)

Duncan McEwan duncan at mcs.vuw.ac.nz
Tue Jan 7 16:46:18 EST 2003


Possibly strictly not an rt-devel question, and if not, sorry for the

We're currently *still* running RT 1.0.something.  Yes, I know it's way out of
date, but it works very well for us and does pretty much everything we need of
it!  But I finally have some available time to look at upgrading to something

At this stage it seems like it would make more sense to skip RT 2.0 altogether,
since RT 3 seems to be reasonably close.  So I'd like to start experimenting
with 2.1.x (which I think is close to being declared an alpha release for RT

But I'm not sure whether there is currently (or will be) a way of migrating our
existing RT 1 database directly to RT 3.  I assume there will be a way of
migrating from an RT 2 database to RT 3, but don't know if skipping RT 2 will
be possible.

If it is not, is it possible to convert an RT1 database to RT2 without having
to install RT2?  That is, is there a relatively standalone conversion script
that I could run without having to install and configure RT2 fully.  Then I
could use whatever conversion tool is provided to convert from that database to
an RT3 one.

Thanks for any advice anyone can offer,


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