[rt-devel] 3 Bugs or Features

Daniel Israel daniel at cfd.ame.arizona.edu
Wed Jul 16 16:48:35 EDT 2003

I just installed RT (3.0.4) and RTFM (2-0RC1), and I'm very impressed.
There were several things I noticed that I thought could be improved
(some may be bugs, others features).

1) On the Home screen, if I click on the name of a queue I get a nasty
   perl error.

2) Non-privileged users don't show up in user searches.  In fact, the
   only way to find a non-privileged user is to find the Requestor link
   in one of his tickets.

3) This one is definitely a feature request.  Have you considered
   allowing people to create their own accounts through the web
   interface?  Obviously, this would require setting some default
   privilege level for self registered users.

Daniel M. Israel
<daniel at cfd.ame.arizona.edu>		1130 North Mountain Ave.
Dept. of Aerospace & Mechanical		The University of Arizona
  Engineering				Tucson, AZ  85711

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