[rt-devel] RT 3.0.2 I18N patch proposal

Dirk Pape pape-rt at inf.fu-berlin.de
Tue May 20 05:35:45 EDT 2003


--Am Dienstag, 20. Mai 2003 10:22 Uhr +0200 schrieb Remy Chibois 
<rchibois at free.fr>:

> This is why I wanted people using international chars to test it.
> What LANG are you using ?


> What are your InputEncoding and OutputEncoding in RT_SiteConfig.pm ?

@EmailInputEncodings = qw(utf-8 iso-8859-1 iso-8859-15 us-ascii) unless 
Set($EmailOutputEncoding , 'iso-8859-1');

> This is strange. I tried numerous things before patching, such as
> changing LANG ou using a fresh database, but localized strings were
> no longer displaying correctly in the web interfce when I switched from
> 3.0.1 to 3.0.2.
> Do other localized strings display correctly (is it a umlaut specific
> issue) ?

other localized strings are correct, localized strings with umlauts in 
localization appear as empty strings.

> Without the patch, are all international chars displayed correctly
> (interface and/or emails) ?

yes, both, except the two issues I reported to rt-users last hour.


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