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Wed Sep 10 12:43:42 EDT 2003

Going through the approval system, I am see the below, is there a way to
add an approval status instead of saying any ticket that is approved is
resolved? Because when your search for tickets that needs your approval,
the available options are approve, deny, no action, not resolve, reject,
no action. Seems kinda petty explaining it in an e-mail, but unless you
make that mental change that resolved approvals tickets are approved,
you get kind of confused. 
Or have the system change the Approval search function to show approved
tickets as (approved) instead of (resolved)
Or have the system e-mail the original ticket requestor that the ticket
has been approved or denied.
When an approval ticket is approved the status changed to resolved as
indicated below
#725: Change Control Approval test approval (resolved)
Originating ticket: #724
And the status of the ticket is resolved *
The Basics     
Id: 725 
Status: resolved 
Worked: 0 min 
Priority: 0/0 
Queue: Approvals
Now when a ticket is rejected the status of the ticket is rejected
#727: Change Control Approval test 2 (rejected)
Originating ticket: #726
The Basics     
Id: 727 
Status: rejected 
Worked: 0 min 
Priority: 0/0 
Queue: Approvals
Michael Brown
Systems Administrator
770.248.9600 x4856
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