[rt-devel] How to add custom field

Kuldeep Singh Tomar tomar at vcustomer.com
Thu Apr 1 11:41:50 EST 2004

Hi Cerion,

I tried it, but it is still not working. I am sending body part of mail to you:

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Summary of the ticket appears below.

User Name  :kuldeep
Email ID  :tomar at vcustomer.com
Workstation #  :143.033
Contact Number  :33044
Location  :Delhi
Account  :VCLABS
Problem  :Problem with the software / Tool
Severity  :S5
Department  :System
Number of users Affected  :Single

I want to grep the value of Location and Severity and put into CustomField Location and severity. I have installed the scrip ExtractCustomFieldValues-1.0b1 on rt system. I have made a scrip LocationExtract which is taking template with text as suggested by you and working on OnCreate:

Location|Body|Location\s*:\s*(Delhi|Pune)|   (It has spaces after location)

But it is not taking value of Location from body part to Custom Field. I tried different regex and it is not working. Thanks for your guidence.  What else could be the problem........

With Regards,

Kuldeep Singh

Cerion Armour-Brown wrote:

>On Thursday 01 April 2004 17:09, Kuldeep Singh Tomar wrote:
>>Sorry was away from office, so could not reply on list. I found this
>>method to be easier than others but it did not work. I have installed
>>this scrip and in my template put the text:
>>Location | "Body" | Delhi |
>>where Location is my custom field with having 2 options "Delhi or Pune"
>>and I want to extract text from Body with value "Delhi" or "Pune"
>1) Take the quotes off 'Body'
>2) the third field is a regular expresion.
>So, if you do something like:
>This'll accept the values Delhi, Pune from the line in the email body, e.g.
>Location: Delhi
>If you don't want the 'Location: ' bit, and just want to search on a line that 
>has only those values on it, you might want something like:
>Hope that's clear,
>P.S. There's _lots_ of perl refs on the web, e.g.:
>rt-devel mailing list
>rt-devel at lists.bestpractical.com

Kuldeep Singh Tomar
Open Source Specialist

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